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This makes it easier to win a copyright infringement case and perhaps collect enough damages to make the cost of the case worthwhile. And the very existence of a copyright notice might discourage infringement. Finally, including a copyright notice may make it easier for someone to track down a copyright owner and legitimately obtain permission to use the work.

In the United States, a copyright owner can significantly enhance the protection afforded by copyright. This is done by registering the copyright with the U. Copyright Office. Then apply the following rules to see if the copyright has expired:. Call the Records, Research, and Certification Section at You can also hire a private copyright search firm to see if a renewal was filed.

Finally, you may be able to conduct a renewal search yourself. Orders by U. Please contact Big Distribution: Tel: ; Fax: or visit www. ISBN 1. The main category of the book —History —Other category. Another subject category —From one perspective. More categories —And their modifiers.

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Johnson, Ben. A0 A00 It gives the necessary elements and not much more:. Coyote All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. This is the quick and easy way to get generic copyright page language into your book.

Watch for it, and let me know if you have questions about the copyright page. Want to know more about copyright? Need some sample copyright pages to drop into your book?

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Confused about the things you read online about copyright? Check out this page easy-to-read guide. Photo: Big Stock Photo. As a digression, how would you protect a few written pages about an idea that have no illustrations or diagrams? Quite used ot the default copyright page sample and copy this is enlightening on other samples for the same.

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Isaac, you can use just your website and email. Many authors and publishing companies use a mail box, either USPS or a mail box store. I love this and appreciate you have this available for us. Question: I do not want to place my personal address on the copy-write page. Can i just place my website and the email address where to contact me? Thanks for this insightful post on copyrighting and isbn. Everything is useful to get my first guide on project writing publishing and acceptable. This is really valuable, thanks for taking your time to share this valuable taught with us. I just finished written my book and just got to know about copyright and come across this post.

For future novels I write, I will list myself as author and the Trust as claimant when registering with the Copyright Office. On the copyright page of my next novel, would I then list the Trust after the copyright symbol and year, or would just my name be sufficient or do I list both the Trust and my name?

And do I need to revise the copyright pages of my previous novels to reflect the Trust? Margaret, I have had a trust listed on the copyright page of a book I worked on. I would recommend you check with your estate and intellectual property attorney for the correct wording for your book.

I have read everything and still have one basic question. I am just an individual indie author with no company. What do I do about the Imprint? Can I use my own name as author and publisher? What are my options to be as simple as possible? Thanks for your help and I hope you still monitor this link. Regards, Richard Bell.

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Is this OK c would be correct symbol :. Melissa, I think you are referring to running heads or running feet.

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  5. The copyright information the year the book is being published—not written or edited belongs on the copyright page only not on every page. Using one of the examples above in this article is all you need for the copyright information. These numbers correspond to the year the book was published and this is a first printing since all the numbers from 10 to 1 appear.

    In old days the lead casting had the numbers on them, and when they printed another set edition of a book they simply struck off the number. I am perhaps the last of my generation to learn hot-type. Zil, there are plenty of us still around who learned hot type, locked up forms, and did make ready.

    Hazel, feel free to copy and paste the samples above as applicable into your book file. All rights reserved, v1. Thank you for this! Angel, feel free to copy and paste these into your book file.

    Eu gostaria de saber como e onde eu devo registrar as minhas fotos! I would like to know how and where I should register my pics!

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    I will be very thankful for your precious help from now on. You own the copyright merely by creating them. What exactly are you trying to do? Hello and thanks so much for this info. If I do not own a registered copyright, can I still have some verbiage on my title page saying that the images, story, etc. Yes, Elizabeth, you can and you should. The copyright registration has to do with potential lawsuits and damages. So you can still do it now. I recently noticed my earlier books showed the copyright notice in a slightly different way from my later books.

    I checked Google and the Copyright Office and got a ton of somewhat contrary data to sort through—but then up came this article and as soon as I saw it was on TheBookDesigner my search was done. Thank you yet again, Joel, for this fabulous and trustworthy website! Good luck with your books, and thanks for leaving this comment today. It should give you all the information you need. Shelly, those numbers are part of the CIP cataloging in publication data right above those numbers needed and used by libraries.

    Hi So informative your website is! I still did not understand how to get it from where to get it as an author.