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Avaleht Deception Cove. Deception Cove. Jess Winslow is a former US Marine struggling to adjust to civilian life after the horrors of Afghanistan. All she has in the world is her black and white pitbull mix, Lucy.

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Mason Burke trained Lucy for the service animal program while serving fifteen years in prison. Lucy helped keep him sane; now he'll stop at nothing to keep her safe. So when a corrupt deputy sheriff takes Lucy hostage over a package Jess's late husband allegedly stole, newly-released Mason promises to help.

But saving Lucy and finding the package is only the start. Soon Mason and Jess are caught up in someone else's private war. Will they be able to trust each other and face their demons in time to save themselves? Deception Cove is a gripping story of survival and redemption set against the beautiful and dangerous coastline of the Pacific Northwest. The tension between the two is clear from the start and it builds throughout the book.

Deception Cove - Jayne Ann Krentz

The only thing he mentions is that Mason is muscular. Yet my imagination filled in that gap and I had a distinct mental image of both Jess and Mason. I rather like this technique.

Laukkanen gives us their points of view and we see people like Kirby, his other officers, and the ironically-named drug trafficker Joy as people with aspirations and goals, dreams and fears. They all have moments of humanity, moments when we, the readers, can identify with them. Or made a wrong decision and lived to regret it? Or want a better life for their family? Or desperate to solve a problem? So can the antagonists.

Deception Cove

It makes them human and desperate, but not beyond redemption. Lucy has her own battles to fight.

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  • She was rescued from abusers who planned to use her for dogfights. Thanks to flashbacks to the prison training program, we get to see her grow from a terrified dog, unwilling to leave her kennel, to a loving, if skittish, dog whose loyalty to her troubled owner puts her at risk.

    She can act perturbed at certain. Dogs are natural icebreakers.

    Deception Cove

    But Mason has the courage to ask for help and is willing to accept Jess as a leader. That endears him to her and to us. He has to keep making it worse. They do. Plenty of action. Plenty of twists and turns.

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    This is a powerful novel. The possibility of redemption runs throughout the story. People lose their way, sometimes through their own fault and sometimes not, but they can be rescued. Like Lucy, the rescue dog, they need others to give them a chance. This is a story that will haunt you, move you, and make you look at others differently.


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    Previous Next. Summary of Deception Cove Haunted by violent flashbacks, former U. My thoughts This book grabbed me from the start.