Reexamining the Quantum-Classical Relation

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Reexamining The Quantum Classical Relation Bokulich Alisa

Atoms and the void -- 2. Sets -- 3. Minds and machines -- Andrei Khrennikov, Bourama Toni Published in The Dirac equation as one fourth-order equation for one function-a general manifestly covariant f Alisa Bokulich Published in in Cambridge by Cambridge university press. Classical mechanics and quantum mechanics are two of the most successful scientific theories ever Varadarajan Devanathan Published in in Oxford by Alpha science international. Foundations of quantum mechanics -- 2. Bound states and potential barriers -- 3.

The WKB appro George W. S Hou.

Reexamining the quantum-classical relation : beyond reductionism and pluralism (Record no. 8806)

Gerhard Ecker. Michele Cini Published in Physical theories, fundamental constants and the role of Mathematics -- Analytical Mechanics -- D NL EN. Type PhD 1. Access online Year After. Between and. Bioscience Engineering 4. Book Tower Sciences Vlerick Business School 1. A Review of the decoherent histories approach to quantum mechanics - Halliwell, J. Annals N.

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The Quasiclassical realms of this quantum universe - Hartle, James B. Cambridge University Press.

Decoherence and the appearance of a classical world in quantum theory - Giulini, D. Berlin, Germany: Springer p.

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Ruth E Kastner. S - Between classical and quantum - Landsman, N. The problem of identifying the system and the environment in the phenomenon of decoherence - The density matrix in the de Broglie-Bohm approach. Eugen Merzbacher. Quantum Mechanics, Third Edition - John Wiley and sons. Quantum computation and quantum information - Cambridge university press. Quantum field theory - Srednicki, M. Environment induced decoherence, classicality and consistency of quantum histories - Paz, Juan Pablo et al.

Joshua Rosaler. PhD thesis, University of Oxford. Formal versus Empirical approaches to Quantum-Classical Reduction - Topoi, pages Local reduction in physics.

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Studies in History and Philosophy of Science : - Is de broglie-bohm theory specially equipped to recover classical behavior? Philosophy of Science, forthcoming. Sakurai, S. Tuan, and E. Modern quantum mechanics - Many worlds? Everett, quantum theory, and reality - Saunders, Simon et al. Oxford, UK: Univ. Decoherence and the Quantum-To-Classical Transition.

Decoherence, the measurement problem, and interpretations of quantum mechanics - Schlosshauer, Maximilian Rev. Franz Schwabl. Quantum Mechanics 4th edition - Pilot-wave theory and quantum fields - Struyve, W. A New pilot-wave model for quantum field theory - Struyve, W. AIP Conf.

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Pilot-wave approaches to quantum field theory - Struyve, Ward J. Apparent wave function collapse caused by scattering - Tegmark, Max Found. Towler, N.

N. Arkani-Hamed: Spacetime & Quantum Mechanics, Total Positivity & Motives. Lecture 1: 9/3/19

Russell, and A. Time scales for dynamical relaxation to the born rule - Roderich relativistic version of the ghirardi-rimini-weber model - Dynamical origin of quantum probabilities - Valentini, Antony et al.

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