Still Life with Crows

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Still Life With Crows by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child | Double Signed First Edition Book

Zeebra Books. Analog Audio Cassette - Compact Disc - 13 pages - Show other formats. Discover what to read next. The Most Anticipated Books of Fall My only issue with the narrator is the accent he uses for the Kansas residents. People from Kansas have a standard mid-west accent. Not southern. Kansas isn't considered to be part of the south, it is the heartland, or western mid-west.

As a life-long resident of the area, I can tell you, no one in Kansas talks like a back-woods hick. Drop the horrible accent for the Kansas folks, and I'd rate the narrator with 5 stars instead. Also, Salina is pronounced sa-Lie-na not sa-Lee-na. One of the best books I have ever read.

Strange, funny, and sad. Once again I love the book. This is my favorite detective. The narrator, as always, is the perfect voice of Pendergast. I love this series, the characters are very cool and Pendergast is so classic, I am on book 5 now and going to finish the entire series. I have read a few of them but now I'm hooked on Audio Books. Book 4 - Still Life with Crows was one of my Favorites, couldn't wait until the end - when they reveal the secrets!! Absolutely loved this book! Read it years ago, enjoyed it then. Listened to it on audio and enjoyed it even more.

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Love Preston and Child. Wished they would relive Pendergast and Cory Swanson together again.

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Was impressed by the narrator, good job. Really enjoyed it, kept me entertained right to the end! This is my first meeting with Special Agent Pendergast; I like the character and the story keeps you intrigued. The main flaw is the author's obvious low opinion of small town law enforcement and he never lets up making sure these characters are as stupid, weak and hopeless as possible. Agent Pendergast is impressively calm, cool, and witty.

Has an attractive southern hospitality that is addictive! I admire how he buddies with the town misfit not caring what anyone thinks.

Still Life/Part 4 "Crows!"

Mystery will keep you guessing. I was completely entertained.

Still Life With Crows (Special Agent Pendergast)

Excellent job of narration.. This was my first introduction to Special Agent Pendergast. I will say there are parts where I was complaining "Oh just get on with it" and would fast-forward to the next track. But overall this is a good mystery, and will hold your attention. I did, however, think they would never get out of the caves with all the twists and turns. The story kept me guessing until the last couple of chapters.

click here And even then I wasn't sure that I was right about who the bad guy was. Great reading. By clicking "Notify Me" you consent to receiving electronic marketing communications from Audiobooks.

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