The Painted Churches of Cyprus. Treasures of Byzantine Art

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Categories: Art , Byzantine and Medieval , Cyprus. Tags: byzantine art , Stylianou. Description Additional information Reviews 0 Description The volume commences with a historical introduction and a general discussion of Byzantine art and Cyprus. Additional information Weight 1.


Leventis Foundation Year Edition 2nd edition. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Add to cart. Recent Posts Date Oct Apr Clarice Lispector: Book Event 21st of April at Book Fair 24th April until 7th May 0 comments. Myriantheus, O naov" th" Panagiva" th" Asivnou, Leu- kosia Buckler, Mrs.

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  • Soldiers in 14thC wall paintings, Church of Panagia Phorbiotissa, Asinou, Cyprus.

Buckler, V. Rhoby, A. Paul, edd. Chotzakoglou, Buzantinh; ajrcitektonikh; kai; tevcnh sth;n Kuvpro, in Th. Papadopoulos ed. Each letter is equipped with a small wave- like roof indicating an abbreviation as is the case in other cryptograms. The ligature of Gamma and Pi is written under the Kappa.

The Painted Churches of Cyprus island - The Golden Scope

Between these letters and the follow- ing Pi again three dots are depicted. So far, there have been two attempts to decipher the cryptic inscription. Almost a century ago I. Peristianes suggested dissolving it as follows: Fuvlatte th'" 5 Rhoby, Epigramme auf Fresken und Mosaiken, cit. Gastgeber, Chr. Glassner, K. Holzner-Tobisch, R. Spreitzer edd. Whereas W.

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Rhoby, Epigramme auf Fresken und Mosaiken, cit. Reinsch in an e-mail to A. For God as sunoceuv" cfr. LSJ, s. LBG, s.

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On the problem of the inaccurate interaction of word and image brefokratei'tai, but Maria orans see A. Chatzoule, Amfivgrapth eikovna tou Ag. Moreover, it would be hard to explain the use of Pantokravtwr at the end since the image on the chest of Mary is that of Christ Emmanuel.

Some years later W. First, Buckler trying to dissolve the cryptogram into two twelve-syllable verses did not pay attention to the fact that her verses are unprosodic, whereas in the actual epigram the prosodic rules of the Byzantine dodecasyllable are regarded.

One quickly discovers that the letters used in the cryptic Asinou inscription do not belong to the well-known cryptograms associated with the images of the True Cross which occur in the later wall-painting tradition after 14th c.

Byzance et le monde extérieur

One of her later epithets used in iconography is e. Based on these considerations the following suggestion for the deciphering of 8 I. The letters of the cryptic inscription were highlighted in bold by the authors of this article. Petersburg , p. VIII oration on the annunciation, ed. Sajdak ed. Deiparam, Poznan , p.

Eustratiades, ibid. In addition, there is another image of the Theotokos Hodegetria with Christ in her left arm above the entrance into the parekklesion of the Phobera Prostasia in the katholikon built in of the Koutloumousiou monastery on Mt Athos fig. The niche in which the Theotokos with child is depicted is of semicircular form just as the one in the Asinou church.

This itacist error is possible since similar errors are to be found in the two preceding verses as well. Toutos, G. Phousteres, Eurethvrion th" mnhmeiakhv" zwgrafikhv" tou Agivou ovrou" 10o"o" ai. Prashkov, Pametnitsi na kulturata na Sveta gora — Aton, Sofia , p. A picture unfor- tunately of rather poor quality of the niche can be found on the webpage quoted in note In the Koutloumousiou monastery, an icon of the Virgin Phobera Prostasia, which perhaps can be dated to the 16th century, is also kept, see P.

Huber, Athos.


The Painted Churches of Cyprus

The monh; th'" uJperagiva" Qeotovkou tw'n Forbivwn is first safely attested in a marginal notice dated to in the Cod. But how can one explain Forbivwn?

Perhaps the monastic community founded a clois- ter in the countryside used for pastures forbaiv. Walter, Apotropaic Function, cit.