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She began to see him every year and a half or so, and more often after her mother died in However, Charmaine says that their time together was not easy since he still never talked about his feelings, but she's glad that they were at least in touch. She doesn't blame the movie's screenwriter, Frank Cottrell Boyce.

She says that it goes back to her father, who had left them out of his book. Though it is at times hard to watch, the Japanese army's treatment of the POWs who worked on the Burma-Siam railway is accurately portrayed in the movie. Years of schooling had indoctrinated young Japanese men with the notion of Emperor worship, and their training to become soldiers in their native country was based on brutality.

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The soldiers were also taught to fight with relentless ferocity as part of the Japanese counter-insurgency against Mao Tse-tung's forces. All of these factors played a part in creating soldiers who could carry out the most cruel acts of torture without a second thought. Many Americans believed Lean's film to be true and perhaps slept better because they were left with a false picture of POW life, one that ignored the unspeakable horrors that the POWs had endured in the hands of the Japanese.

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By the time the war ended, Eric himself weighed only pounds, roughly 60 pounds less than his average, pre-war weight. In all, of the more than 60, Allied troops captured by the Japanese, approximately 12, prisoners died VancouverSun. The radio was discovered by the Japanese in August As punishment, Eric and his six comrades were first forced to stand out in the searing heat for hours without water or food.

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Then the Japanese soldiers stomped on them and beat them unconscious with pickaxe handles. Two of the POWs did not survive. For Eric, the punishment for the radio did not end there. He was left lying on the ground for two days. His ribs were cracked and his arms and hips were broken.

The Japanese then subjected him to more interrogation and torture.

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They kept him in a coffin-sized cage for hours at a time. Eric was found guilty of "anti-Japanese activities" and was sentenced to five years hard labor. He was transported to a disease infested jail, where he spent the rest of the war. Eric Lomax's second wife Patricia "Patti" Wallace, portrayed by Nicole Kidman in the film, encouraged him to seek help for his nightmares, rages and feelings of isolation The Railway Man book. She told him that she was going to leave him if he did not seek help. The poem is an Eric Lomax original.

He would recite it in his darkest hours in an effort to help isolate his mind and feelings during difficult times. It is displayed below. Not shown in the movie, the real Eric Lomax benefited psychologically with the help of the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture known today as Freedom from Torture , a British charity that provides therapeutic care for survivors of torture. It marked the first time that Eric was able to talk about his experiences at length and helped him to prepare for his meeting with one of his former Japanese tormentors. He remembered how Nagase would bark at him in broken English, accusing him of being a spy, while the other Japanese soldiers tortured him.

There is no one named "Finlay" in The Railway Man book. Eric reconnected with Bradley in , and it was Jim Bradley's wife Lindy who gave Eric the photocopy of the article from the August 15, edition of the Japan Times , which contained a picture of Takashi Nagase, Eric's former tormentor.

Unlike the movie, Bradley did not commit suicide. In the article that accompanied the photo, it talked of Nagase's ongoing battle with heart disease, stating that each time he suffered a heart attack, he had flashbacks of the Japanese military police in Kanchanaburi torturing a POW accused of having a map of the railway. No, but Eric's wife Patti says that until he set eyes on his former Japanese tormentor, Takashi Nagase, he had been threatening to do him harm. However, The Railway Man true story reveals that, unlike the film, the real Eric Lomax's intention was more about finding closure rather than seeking revenge.

The movie depicts Eric Colin Firth meeting with his unsuspecting former captor in order to seek retribution, only to change his mind during the encounter.

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The Railway Man: dramatic licence is well-earned and sparingly deployed

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Create a new password. Nicole Kidman as wife Patti shows nice, subtle touches in her limited time on-screen. Peter Debruge Sep 12, Kyle Smith Apr 10, User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. Headcrusher May 21, I LOVED this film - everything about it was done well, the cinematography, the music, the editing and it had the one thing a movie should have - a great story.

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The opening scenes where the lead character falls in love was worth the price of admission. The film reminded me of "The Shawshank I LOVED this film - everything about it was done well, the cinematography, the music, the editing and it had the one thing a movie should have - a great story. The film reminded me of "The Shawshank Redemption" in many ways as it is a film about loss, suffering, revenge and redemption.

In my opinion one of the best films I've seen in years and I see a lot of movies. If you prefer modern films that have no hero, where everyone is dysfunctional and tainted by evil, and that really have nothing to say, then you might find this film old fashioned - personally I miss old fashioned where films had meaning, a moral, a message and a hero - and this one has it.

Not only that it is a true story of mercy triumphing over judgement. The only downside, if this bothers you, is that it has scenes of torture and violence and an inspiring message which may hit you the wrong way if you love wallowing in your own self-pity - which are the only people I can imagine not liking this film I know what that's like because I did it for much of my life See it and be inspired. What a fantastic film with a twist.. It took a long time for the Japanese to officially say sorry to those who fought the forgotten war in the far east and I cant imagine what they went through or how they survived those that did.

Well worth a viewing. Roachramirez Jul 24, Una pelicula muy buena que tiene gran drama y una gran historia principal.

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LowbrowCinema Apr 23, The film spends too much time in the past which is actually exactly what the film is all about--resolving past nightmares. The chemistry between Firth and Kidman is truly remarkable and very touching. These are two people who clearly love and care for each other. I wish the film knew better what it really was but all in all -- lovely.

It begins like a poorly executed romantic movie, too fast and a little messy.